Seller Tips for Getting Your Home SOLD!

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The Exterior – Curb Appeal is Essential

Some buyers will elect to do a drive by of your home, viewing your property from the road first before they invest the time to go inside. You don’t want to have them reject your home before they’ve even seen it. We’re taught never to judge a book by its cover, but prospective homebuyers do it every day.

  • Maintain a well-manicured lawn with neatly trimmed grass, trees, hedges and shrubs to create a good first impression
  • Replace any dead plants with new ones and put in flowering color accents in any bare areas
  • Keep the sidewalks and driveway swept clean and free of any trash
  • Keep the sidewalks and driveway swept clean and free of any trash
  • Inspect shutters, windows, front door and steps and repair as needed
  • Inspect shutters, windows, front door and steps and repair as needed
  • Touch up the paint on the house, especially at the front door and porch area
  • Keep pool clean and store pool equipment neatly away
  • Clean out the garage, and If necessary, invest in organizing products like shelving, racks or tool bins

The Interior – Creating a Blank Canvas

A way to make your house look more appealing to a wide range of prospective buyers is “neutrality”. If you’ve been adventurous in your décor color choices, you may want to consider repainting your walls a neutral off-white color. This will allow visitors to project their own color and design sense onto your “blank canvas”.

Make a Good First Impression – Neatness Counts

  • Remove unnecessary furniture to help make rooms appear more spacious
  • Keep your closets and cupboards tidy as buyers will open them to check storage space
  • Eliminate clutter by removing personal items and things you don’t use
  • Scrub each room thoroughly, especially the entry, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Remove any stains from carpets or wood flooring and shampoo carpets if needed
  • Check all electrical outlets and make sure light fixtures are in good working order
  • Make sure the beds are always made
  • Clean the bathrooms well! Pay particular attention to the toilets and showers/tubs
  • Clean all mirrors and windows
  • De-clutter the counters of excessive appliances
  • Fix obvious defects, such as a dripping faucet
  • Be sensitive to unwanted odors. Smells come from a variety of sources such as pets, sour residue in drains, trash, smoking, cooking odors and even many cleaning products

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference – Setting the Right Mood

  • Display new towels to freshen up a kitchen or bath
  • Place fresh flowers to add warmth to any room
  • Add a fresh coat of neutral paint to enhance the décor of your room
  • Bake cookies, simmer a pot of apple cider or cinnamon, or light a few scented candles
  • Keep the house well-lit during walkthroughs
  • Adjust the temperature so that your visitors feel comfortable
  • Avoid loud TV or music

If you have done your job, someone is bound to fall in love with your home the way you did. Negotiations will begin soon after…..


The best chance to sell your home for the highest price is within the first several weeks.

A mistake many potential sellers make is pricing their homes too high. An overpriced property is going to see fewer offers and basically help sell other people’s homes in your neighborhood. It will also limit financing option since a home will be appraised at real market value and if the price is too high and doesn’t appraise at the higher value, it may be impossible for the buyer to get a loan.

One key to selling your home quickly is to offer a market friendly price that will attract potential buyers. The upkeep and presentation of your property, in addition to any upgrades, will help you obtain the highest value for your home.. At Realty Executives, that is what we help our sellers do. We will visit your home and give you a personal market analysis with honest advice on how to get the best price for your home. For more information, please contact one of our Executives to assist you.


Today, more than 90 percent of homebuyers begin their home search online, so it’s important that your property is featured on real estate websites. At Realty Executives, we have a comprehensive online listing distribution network which forwards your listing in the Multiple Listing Service to over 800 distribution channels including, Trulia and Zillow, and our national Realty Executives website. This online exposure will bring your property to the attention of a large audience of homebuyers.

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